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700 MHz Wireless Licenses
The results of FCC Auction 73, March, 2008 and current updates. These maps show the individual frequency "block" holders. This spectrum came from the analog broadcast TV "sunset" of Feb. 19, 2009. There were initially no eligible bids for the "D" block licenses. There have been many spectrum purchases and exchanges since the auction in the A, B & C blocks.

700 MHz A Block License Holders, Updated 2016:

700 MHz A Block Holders, 2016

source: Allnet Insights

700 MHz B Block License Holders, Updated 2016:

700 MHz Licenses

700 MHz C Block License Holders, Updated 2016:

700 MHz C Licenses

700 MHz "E" Block Winners, 2008:

                                  Frontier = Echostar Satellite (Dish)

source: www.kbeauctions.com

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