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5G Wireless Coverage

Where 5G Wireless is Currently Available. Carriers listed alphabetically, or

AT&T Low-Band 5G Coverage:
Showing where AT&T offers 5G speeds using "low-band" frequencies, available to all customers, as of June, 2020:

Go to AT&T City-Level 5G Coverage Maps.

Map of AT&T 5G US Coverage

AT&T "5G+" Coverage:
Where AT&T offers millimeter ("5G+") coverage with higher-speed data on high-band frequencies, updated June, 2020.
Go to AT&T City-Level Low-Band 5G Coverage Maps.

Map of AT&T 5G+ Coverage

Sprint Current 5G Coverage:
These Sprint 5G markets are operational. Sprint is currently using their 2.5 GHz channels (Mid-Band) for 5G service.  Sprint users have access to T-Mobile 5G coverage with a compatible device.

Sprint City-Level 5G Coverage Maps

Map of Sprint 5G Coverage

T-Mobile Current 5G Coverage:
T-Mobile is currently using 600 and 700 MHz, and 39GHz for 5G coverage.  T-Mobile users also have access to Sprint 5G () coverage with a compatible device.

T-Mobile 5G High-Band Coverage
Map of T-Mobile 5G Coverage

US Cellular 5G Coverage:
US Cellular Uses Low-Band Channels

US Cellular 5G Coverage

Verizon Wireless 5G Coverage:

Verizon Wireless is providing 5G wireless service at 28 GHz (High-Band) in and near the core of these cities:

► Verizon Wireless 5G Street-Level Coverage Maps

Map of Verizon Wireless 5G Coverage

 Verizon Mobile 5G Coverage
Verizon 5G "Home" Coverage Only