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5G Wireless Coverage

Current 5G Wireless Coverage Can be Fixed Wireless or Mobile.

Where 5G Wireless is Currently Available:

5G Coverage

Notes About this Map:
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AT&T 5G Map:
Showing where they offer different levels of high-speed data at or near 5G speeds. AT&T 5G coverage in Las Vegas is currently available to business customers only.


Sprint Current 5G Coverage:
These Sprint markets are operational. Sprint is currently using their 2.5 GHz channels for 5G service.
Get more detailed Sprint maps for these markets.

Sprint 5G

T-Mobile Current 5G Coverage:
T-Mobile is currently using "millimeter" channels at 39GHz which have very limited coverage but higher capacity. T-Mobile has issued detailed coverage maps. View their current 5G coverage, here.
T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile Proposed 5G Coverage:
T-Mobile's projection for 5G wireless mobile coverage in their 600 MHz and other frequency spectrum. These maps are intended to show the advantage of the combination of T-Mobile and Sprint 5G coverage if their proposed merger is approved.
T-Mobile Future 5G

T-Mobile + Sprint Proposed 5G Coverage:
T-Mobile's projection for 5G wireless mobile coverage if their merger (The "New T-Mobile") with Sprint is approved.
 T-Mobile + Sprint 5G

Verizon 5G Coverage:

Verizon Wireless is providing 5G wireless service at 28 GHz in and near the core of these cities:
Verizon Wireless 5G

 Verizon Mobile 5G Coverage
Verizon 5G "Home" Coverage Only