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 T-Mobile High-Band 5G Coverage

T-Mobile has High-Band millimeter(mmWave) coverage in the urban core of some cities. "Millimeter" (mm) refers to the very short wavelengths used on T-Mobile's High-Band channels offering very high download speeds over very short distances. This is different from T-Mobile's new,  Mid-Band channels with moderately high download speeds over much longer distances. This is only a partial list of T-Mobile's High-Band coverage.  Updated 2021.

T-Mobile High-Band 5G Atlanta:

T-Mobile 5G mm Coverage Atlanta

T-Mobile High-Band 5G Cleveland:

T-Mobile 5G mm Coverage Cleveland

T-Mobile High-Band 5G Dallas:

T-Mobile 5G mm Coverage Cleveland

T-Mobile High-Band 5G Las Vegas:

T-Mobile 5G mm Coverage Las Vegas

T-Mobile High-Band 5G Los Angeles:

T-Mobile 5G mm Coverage Los Angeles

T-Mobile High-Band 5G New York City:

T-Mobile 5G mm New York Coverage