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Verizon Wireless 5G Coverage

All Verizon 5G uses High Band or "millimeter" frequencies which yield faster downloads over shorter distances.  Shown is where Verizon has 5G coverage among the top 50 metropolitan areas, M-Z, listed alphabetically.

Click on each map to see street-level coverage.


Verizon Memphis 5G Coverage Map


Verizon 5G Coverage Miami

Minneapolis/St. Paul:
Verizon Wireless Minneapolis 5G Coverage Map

St. Paul
Verizon Wireles St. Paul 5G Coverage Map

New York City:
Verizon 5G Coverage New York City

Verizon 5G Coverage Phoenix


Verizon Wireless Providence 5G Coverage Map

Salt Lake City:

Verizon Salt Lake City 5G Coverage Map

San Diego:

Verizon Wireless 5G Coverage San Diego

Washington DC:

Verizon 5G Coverage Washington DC
 Verizon Wireless 5G Cities: A-L  

Other Verizon Wireless 5G Cities