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Dish Wireless Maps
Dish Network Corp. has tentatively agreed to purchase spectrum and other wireless assets that may be divested as part of the potential T-Mobile - Sprint merger. Dish plans to operate a nationwide 5G wireless network, as well operate Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sprint-branded Prepaid, which will initially be operating on its existing cellular network, currently maintained by Sprint. The objective of federal authorities is that Dish will operate a fourth competitive wireless network.

Dish Wireless Spectrum Assignments
Dish owns this wireless spectrum and is reported to be building their own cellular network in these areas.  The larger the holding, the greater the download capacity. Additionally, some 800 MHz Sprint spectrum will be sold to Dish but that transaction will not be completed for 3 years after the closing of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger.  Map source: Allnet Insights.
Dish Depth of Spectrum in "Low-Band" Frequencies, 600 & 700 MHz:
Dish "Low Band"

Dish Depth of Spectrum in "Mid-Band" Frequencies, 1.7, 2.0 & 2.1 GHz:
Dish "Mid-Band"

Sprint Deals Virgin Mobile
Boost Mobile + Virgin Mobile Coverage
Dish has proposed to acquire Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile as part of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. They intend to operate the networks as a "virtual" operator (MVNO) and will initially have the same coverage as it has today.
Dish Wireless