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MetroPCS Coverage:
MetroPCS was purchased by T-Mobile in 2013. The 2 networks combined licenses and networks, and both have the benefit of T-Mobile's newly-acquired 600 & 700 MHz spectrum.
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MetroPCS Coverage, 2018:
This map shows all MetroPCS's own coverage including 600 and 700 MHz channels which requires a phone compatible with these new bands. Click to Zoom In.
T-Mobile Coverage
Hawaii PR & US VI
MetroPCS Final CDMA Coverage:
MetroPCS Final CDMA Coverage

MetroPCS Pre-Merger Licensed Service Area:
MetroPCS Pre-Merger Licensed Area
MetroPCS + T-Mobile Combined Coverage at Merger, 2013:
MetroPCS + T-Mobile Combined Coverage

MetroPCS + T-Mobile Combined Spectrum Allocation at Merger:
T-Mobile + MetroPCS Spectrum Combined