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Comparison of On-Network Cellular Coverage

This page shows the most basic coverage (Talk, Text & 3G or higher data) of the Top 5 US carriers, listed alphabetically. Also available is a comparison of each carrier's 4G Coverage. These maps do not include roaming partners except where noted. For zoomable maps, go to our Interactive Coverage Finder.

AT&T Voice + Text Coverage, 2018

AT&T Coverage
AT&T Hawaii Coverage AT&T PR + VI Coverage
Alaska Coverage Hawaii Coverage Puerto Rico & US VI Coverage

Sprint Coverage, 2018

Sprint Coverage
Sprint HI Sprint PR+VI
Hawaii Coverage Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands

Map Note: Cellular Maps.com considered whether to display Sprint-only coverage or areas supplied by "Extended" or Preferred roaming partners.  Since the areas shown as, "Extended..." can be included in your Sprint plan, we show that coverage, but Sprint notes "not all services may be available," in those areas. You can still determine Sprint-only coverage in non-Extended areas. 

T-Mobile's Own Coverage Only, 2018
This map shows all of T-Mobile's own coverage including 600 and 700 MHz channels which requires a phone compatible with these new bands.

T-Mobile Native Coverage
Hawaii Coverage Puerto Rico & US VI
(T-Mobile has no coverage of their own in Alaska)

US Cellular Coverage, 2017
U.S. Cellular

Verizon Wireless Coverage, 2018
A 4G phone may be required in some areas.

Verizon Wireless Logo 120x60
Verizon Coverage
Alaska Coverage Hawaii, Puerto Rico & US VI
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