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Arches National Park Cellular Coverage
From Field Reports. See Notes.

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Coverage Map:

Arches National Park Wireless Coverage

Notes About Wireless Coverage in Arches National Park:

  • There are no cellular sites within the park, all service comes from outside park boundaries.  The farther you are away from the main entrace, the poorer the cellular coverage.  You can have good cellular coverage at the parking lot and none along the trails.  The largest coverage area is provided by Verizon and AT&T who serve the park from the same site southeast of Moab.

  • There are a number of locations at high elevations that have an excellent cellular signal that can be unavailable a few steps away.

  • There can be addtional cell sites in the area that do not show in public records.  The coverage areas shown (in red) are approximate. Park coverage has been field checked but not for all carriers.

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