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Death Valley National Park Cellular Coverage
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Coverage Map:

Death Valley National Park Wireless Coverage

Notes About Wireless Coverage in Death Valley National Park:

  • There are 3 cell sites inside Death Valley National Park, all other service comes from outside park boundaries.  Coverage shown is a general representation of coverage operated by Commnet Wireless and their local wireless subsidiary, Choice Wireless.  Most, if not all, coverage provided by Commnet is available to all major cellular carriers. Whether or not that coverage is available to you is based on your carrier's plan.

  • AT&T has approval to construct a site on Rogers Peak with a 99 foot tower, within park boundaries. When completed, this could significantly increase wireless coverage in Death Valley National Park.

  • There can be additional cell sites in the area that are not shown in public records.  The coverage areas shown (in red) are approximate.

  • Get Interactive Coverage Maps for Death Valley National Park from each individual carrier