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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Cellular Coverage
From Public Records.  See Notes.

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Coverage Map:

Smoky Mountans National Park Wireless Map

Notes About Wireless Coverage in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

  • Almost all service comes from cellular sites located at or outside park boundaries.  Because some roads reach a fairly high elevation, your wireless phone can easily access these sites from far away.  However, any obstruction, such as a rock formation or a hill can block that signal.

  • Even though the park features a number of high elevations where wireless service is possible, there are also many valleys and isolated areas with no wireless access whatsoever.

  • Any wi-fi that may be available is provided by concessionaires at commercial buildings and not by the Park Service.

  • The coverage area shown is approximate. There may be addtional cell sites within park boundaries that do not show in public records. Cellular coverage in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has not been field checked.

  • Get Interactive Coverage Maps for The Great Smoky Mountains National Park from each individual carrier.