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Prepaid Wireless Coverage Compared

Showing coverage where there will be no extra Roaming charges, except where indicated.
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Straight Talk CDMA Phones TracFone CDMA Phones

Using the America Movil CDMA Network Partners:

America Movil CDMA Network Partners Coverage

Straight Talk GSM Phones TracFone GSM Phones NET10 Phones

Using the America Movil GSM Network Partners:
America Movil Network Partners GSM Coverage

AT&T Cricket Wireless Phones

Using the AT&T Network:

 AT&T Network

Consumer Cellular

Using the AT&T Network + Roaming Partners:

AT&T Network + Roaming Partners

Freedompop Tello Mobile Google Fi

Using the Sprint Network:

Sprint Coverage

Virgin Mobile Boost Mobile

Using the Sprint Network Plus Roaming Partners:
Sprint + Roaming Partners

MetroPCS Simple Mobile Republic Wireless
GoSmart Mobile Google Fi
Walmart Family Mobile
Using the T-Mobile Network:
Note:  There have been substantial improvements in the T-Mobile network but to access those new areas of expanded coverage you must use a compatible wireless device which is not available from most Prepaid partners other than Metro by T-Mobile. This map shows where those other roaming partners currently provide coverage.
T-Mobile Prepaid Network

U.S. Cellular Google Fi

Using the US Cellular Network

US Cellular Network

Total Wireless
Page Plus Jitterbug
Verizon Wireless
GreatCall Straight Talk CDMA Phones

Using the Verizon Wireless Network:

Verizon Wireless Prepaid Network
Verizon AK + PRVerizon AK + PR