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APrepaid Coverage Compared:
Maps based on the underlying network of each Prepaid carrier
Which Network Do They Use?
Straight Talk CDMA Phones TracFone CDMA Phones

Using Verizon-Compatible Phones:
Devices originally Issued Through
 America Movil

America Movil CDMA Network Partners Coverage

Straight Talk GSM Phones TracFone GSM Phones NET10 Phones

Using America Movil GSM Network Partners:
Devices originally Issued Through America Movil
America Movil Network Partners GSM Coverage

AT&T Cricket Wireless Phones

Using the AT&T Prepaid Network:
AT&T Prepaid Coverage Map
Alaska Coverage Map
Alaska Coverage

Hawaii Coverage

Consumer Cellular

Using the AT&T Network + Roaming Partners:

Map of AT&T Network + Roaming Partner Coverage

Metro by T-Mobile Simple Mobile Republic Wireless
GoSmart Mobile Tello Mobile
Walmart Family Mobile
Using the T-Mobile Network:
There have been substantial improvements in the T-Mobile network but to access those new areas of expanded coverage you must use a compatible wireless device, which is also available from some prepaid partners including Metro by T-Mobile.
T-Mobile Prepaid Network

Total Wireless
Page Plus Jitterbug
Verizon Wireless
Visible Straight Talk CDMA Phones

Using the Verizon Network:

Verizon Wireless Prepaid Network
Verizon AK + PRVerizon AK + PR

Prepaid Wireless Coverage Maps

Individual maps for the top Prepaid carriers as well as comparing them side-by-side based on their home network.