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Local Cellular Coverage for Rural Independent Networks (RINA)

This map shows the Local and Extended coverage for:
Custer Telephone Wireless (Idaho)
NNTC Wireless (Colorado)
Silver Star Wireless (Wyoming)
Snake River PCS (Idaho)
Strata Networks (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming)

Note: The "extended" coverage shown on this map may not be available from all these carriers. As members of the Sprint Roaming Alliance, coverage should be available to all Sprint roamers. Coverage in these areas ranges from Voice & Text only to 4G-LTE. Coverage shown in southern Utah and at the Idaho/Oregon border is no longer available as part of the RINA cooperative.

Current Coverage for RINA Networks:
RINA Networks Wireless Coverage
source: RINA   
The Rural Independent Network Alliance (RINA) provides wireless technical services to rural CDMA wireless carriers in the US mountain west.