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T-Mobile Maps
Current and Recent Maps for T-Mobile.
Also T-Mobile and Sprint Combined Spectrum Holdings.

T-Mobile Current Coverage Including Roaming Partners:
Enter your location or click on the map to find your coverage

T-Mobile's Own On-Network Coverage:
Includes coverage from T-Mobile's new 600 & 700 MHz assignments. Compatible device required.

T-Mobile Native Coverage

T-Mobile 600 MHz Coverage
This map shows where T-Mobile has started service in their new 600 MHz spectrum assignments, 2018.

T-Mobile 600 MHz coverage

T-Mobile 700 MHz Spectrum Map
This map shows where T-Mobile now owns (or will own) licenses for 700 MHz "Low-band" spectrum and where they have, or will install, new, 4G-LTE coverage.  Areas in colors other than purple are either new or pending T-Mobile aquisitions.  Other 700 MHz spectrum owners are shown on our 700 MHz Map page.

T-Mobile 700 MHz

T-Mobile and Sprint Combined Spectrum Holdings: T-mobile + Sprint

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