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3G Network Comparison

Most carriers are no longer supporting 3G-only coverage. Most, but not all, new 4G coverage is available to users with 3G-only devices.  We post these maps for comparison purposes but we are no longer updating them.  These maps do not include roaming partners, except where noted. For current coverage visit our Comparison Map Page. To find carriers using mostly 3G, visit Mountain Wireless Network Reviews. Additionally, some networks have announced they will discontinue 3G service entirely. Verizon Wireless has stopped activating non-4G LTE devices on their network in preparation for a 3G shutdown in 2021.

AT&T 3G Coverage:
AT&T is phasing out its 3G network by February, 2022 and at that time, 3G and 4G devices that don't support HD Voice, will no longer work on the AT&T network.
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source: at&t

Sprint 3G Coverage
Sprint 3G phones depend on support from T-Mobile who still supports Sprint 3G devices but will not after they deactivate CDMA coverage.

Final Sprint Maps


T-Mobile 3G Coverage
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T-Mobile 3G Coverage

source: T-Mobile

US Cellular 3G Coverage:
US Cellular
US Cellular Review

US Cellular 3G Coverage

source: US Cellular

Verizon Wireless 3G Coverage
Verizon WIreless has annouced they will end support for 3G-only handsets after 2020.
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Verizon Wireless 3G Coverage

source: Verizon Wireless