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Unserved 4G - LTE Wireless Areas

This map shows those areas in the US that lack 4G-LTE or better cellular coverage according to the FCC, January, 2018. This map indicates where wireless carriers can apply for FCC Mobility Fund Phase II funds to provide coverage for these rural areas.

This map has been questioned by a large number of US wireless carriers and governmental entities.  Their claim is that many areas shown to have 4G-LTE coverage actually do not.  The FCC admits the maps were provided by the major wireless carriers themselves and may show overly optimistic 4G-LTE coverage.  The concern is that carriers other than those who provided the maps may not be able to apply for federal funding for "unserved" areas, yielding a perceived advantage to the carriers that submitted the maps to the FCC.

Areas in the US Without 4G-LTE Coverage (2018):
Unserved 4G-LTE Areas

source: fcc