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Boost Infinite Boost Infinite Coverage 2022
Dish Network now operates their own 5G wireless network and intends to operate under the name, "Boost Infinite". This map shows the first operational markets as of June, 2022.

Boost Infinite/Dish Wireless Coverage

Boost infinite Coverage Available in 2023 in These Markets:
Dish Wireless is marketed as Boost Infinite.

Dish Wireless/Boost Infinite Expected Coverage, 2023

Boost Infinite Initial 5G Markets:

Dish Wireless/Boost Infinite Initial 5G Coverage
Boost Infinite coverage is made up of purchased spectrum and other wireless assets as well as spectrum divested as part of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. Boost Infinite was created by  Dish Wireless by building their own all-5G wireless network.  Dish also operates Boost Mobile, Ting Mobile, Republic Wireless, Gen Mobile and Relay Mobile. The objective is that Dish will operate a fourth competitive national wireless network.

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