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Sprint Maps

Sprint maps are slowly being removed from other parts of our site as no longer applicable. Part of our mission is to maintain maps that are not available in other places, so historical Sprint maps are shown here. 

Now that Sprint is part of T-Mobile, coverage of your Sprint-based phone depends on the model. Most existing phones that use the Sprint network will continue to have the same coverage or better until about 2023. Eventually both networks will be integrated and for you to enjoy the full capabilities of the whole network, you will need a compatible wireless device which may be different than your current device. Sprint's 5G spectrum is now being used by T-Mobile, and is shown on T-Mobile 5G Maps.

Sprint Final 4G-LTE Coverage, 2020:

Map of Sprint 4G-LTE Coverage

Sprint's Own Voice Network Only, 2019:

Final Clear Wireless Coverage

Sprint + Sprint Roaming Alliance Affiliates, 2019:
Coverage for Sprint & Sprint Affiliates