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Frequencies Used for Cellular Coverage

Every cellular signal operates on an assigned channel.  Each channel is defined by its frequency bands as assigned by the FCC. New bands are being made available as different communications services re-align where they operate.

850 MHz was the first cellular band in the US, located in the 824 to 896 MHz frequency range and has the most established coverage in the US. The FCC has since assigned additional frequency bands for cellular and wireless use, each with the potential to provide equal or better coverage under certain circumstances. The FCC cellular assignments that are generally used by wireless devices in the US now utilize the following frequency bands:

'Low-Band' Channels:
'Mid-Band' Channels:
  • 2400 MHz (Wi-Fi)
  • 2500 MHz (5G)
  • 3.5 GHz (Proposed 5G)
  • 5.4 GHz (Wi-Fi)
  • 6.0 GHz (Wi-Fi 6e)
'High-Band' Channels:
  • 28 GHz (5G)
  • 32 GHz (5G)
  • 39 GHz (5G)
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